To preserve your Namesake Collection jewellery, we recommend avoiding direct contact with cosmetics, cream, oil, powder + perfume. Ensure all wearers remove your Namesake Collection jewellery before working out + sleeping.
Namesake Collection necklaces + bracelets are hypoallergenic, non-tranish + water-resistant. Be mindful when wearing any jewels apart of our necklace + bracelet ranges. 
To keep your jewellery shiny + clean, simply polish with a soft, clean jewellery cloth. Avoid liquid jewellery cleaners + anti-bacterial soaps. Store your jewellery safely in the velvet pouch or gift box provided.
All Namesake Collection pieces are made with luxe, premium materials, created by skilled craftspeople with years of experience. If you are sensitive to jewellery metals + / or notice any irritation or reaction upon wear, we recommend ceasing use immediately.