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Our collection features immaculately crafted pieces made from high-grade materials available in yellow gold and silver finishes. Our pieces are crafted in four luxe finishes:

Gold and Silver Plated Zinc Alloy
This involves gold electroplating on a zinc alloy base.

18kt Gold Layered Brass
This involves 8 layers of 18kt gold being coated onto a brass base.

18kt Gold Layered Stainless Steel
This involves 3 layers of 18kt gold being coated onto a stainless steel base.

Silver Stainless Steel
This involves uncoated stainless steel in an already shiny silver finish. 

Our collection features artfully crafted pieces made by skilled craftspeople from around the world.
Our pieces are crafted in design provinces across North America, South America and Asia.

For more information about what each piece is made from, descriptions can be found in each product's page on our SHOP page. 


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