Namesake Collection is a Melbourne-based jewellery label, established in 2018 by sisters and joint Creative Directors, Vanessa + Lauren Gasbarro. Driven by the vision to create the jewellery line-up of their dreams, they honed their experience in business and fashion to make their dream a reality. 

Namesake Collection stands as a capsule edit of all the jewellery pieces the modern girl looks toward to elevate her wardrobe. Each of their pieces nod to their inspirations — ranging from modern minimalist muses, to vintage influences, to streetwear.

Namesake Collection breaks away from fast, disposable fashion. With a real focus on quality, all pieces are designed with the long haul in mind. All pieces are made with 18 karat gold layering on stainless steel, which is hypo-allergenic for most people and most sensitivities and water resistant. A selection of earrings and rings are also made in sterling silver.