Namesake Collection is a Melbourne-based jewellery label, established in 2018 by sisters and joint Creative Directors, Vanessa + Lauren. Driven by the vision to create the jewellery line-up of their dreams, they honed their experience in business and fashion to make their dream a reality. Both eternal lovers of jewellery and both with a penchant for personalisation, Namesake Collection was born.
Namesake is inspired by modern minimalist muses, street wear, vintage influences and the powerful sentiment of wearing something personal to you. The Namesake collection stands as a capsule edit of all the jewellery pieces the modern girl looks toward to elevate her wardrobe. This brand has quickly made their name in the personalisation segment and their signature initial pendants and custom made-to-order name necklaces have fast become a style must-have. 

Namesake breaks away from fast, disposable fashion, their pieces are designed with longevity and made for every day wear. The Creative Directors felt it important that their pieces were in it for the long haul.